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Tis the season!

Here we are embarking on our Christmas season and through all the busyness of this time of year, it is vitally important we keep our health up and our immune system boosted! We should know! We (Vera and Chrissy) have Covid and are finding ways to come back quicker from illness, get energized more every day, and feel our Christmas spirit!

So let’s look at what crystals we can utilize to protect us from illness. Flourite. Flourite is like a vitamin power pack for our immune system! It stimulates cell regeneration, especially for our respiratory systems. It is known as a powerful healer to fend off colds and flus that are so ramped through the winter months. Flourite is also useful with other stones to intensify their properties, as well as helpful in cleansing your aura.

Next in our healing crystal regimen is Amethyest. This powerful stone, vibrates at a very high spiritual level. Amethyst helps to strengthen our immune system and cleanse your organs, like the liver and kidneys, and who doesn’t need that?! It can help ease headaches and tension, and can be beneficial in treating intestinal issues, diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract. Amythest can heighten awareness and concentration by reducing mind chatter. It creates a calming effect, and can dispel anger, sadness, fear and anxiety.

These are the crystals for the season! Put them on your desk or nightstand. Keep them in your pocket or hold them in your hand. Remember to focus on their healing properties and be well this Christmas…and don’t forget to breathe!💜🙏🌲💙

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