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Meet Vera and Chrissy

Our Mission

We are more than a business…we are a soul-connected duo, whose specialties combine to bring Angus’ teachings from the Other Side to you through answers and art for healing and empowerment.


As a Psychic/Medium, Vera picks up on the challenges, issues, themes, past lives and life lessons you’re working on in life.

Through her trance sessions we have gained knowledge from Angus which Chrissy bases her artwork of Angels and beings on the Other Side.

Together, with the intellectual understanding Vera gives you and the physical affirmation of Chrissy's art, we help you discover enlightenment through Angus’ spiritual philosophy.

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One of Vera's favorite quotes...

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Out deepest fear is that we are powerful  beyond measure. 


​It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, attractive, talented and fabulous? 


Actually, who are you NOT to be!


You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won't feel unsure about you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us."



- Marianne Williamson


Past Life Psychic - Full Trance Medium

"I love to discover, along with my clients, the whys and how's too's of their life path. I love "knowing"  the right questions to ask and finding answers through past life knowledge, intuitive insight and Cell Memory which helps people understand and heal the life they chose. I am driven to help people heal and empower themselves with the understanding of how the soul mind works and how it reacts/connects in  the physical body. It's like putting a puzzle together and finding you are missing one piece (or two or three or five. You get the picture).  I help you find those missing pieces of your "life" puzzle  and help you remember and understand how it all fits with clarity and timeless wisdom through my trance sessions (Advice from the Other Side). We have the power to change our lives...and  the best part is knowing we can interact together and don't have to do it alone."  

​​How it all started: "My spiritual journey began the day I walked into Sylvia Browne's office to attend a trance which lead me to Sylvia's hypnosis classes. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would use hypnosis for myself let alone professionally. Never say never!...And so my spiritual journey continues!"

In 1996, Vera was certified in hypnosis through Sylvia Browne organization, and American Council Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE). In 1998 she became a full time assistant and spiritual counselor. She was ordained as a minister through Sylvia Browne's Spiritual Organization Novus Spiritus.  Vera, spoke on  various philosophical topics, led group meditations and counseled church members. She also taught classes in Dream Interpretation, Healing and Cell Memory, Hypnosis and Psychic Development.

​Soon after, Vera traveled with Sylvia Browne offering hypnosis sessions on her lectures, tours and cruises. Vera then developed and was Director of Sylvia Browne Hypnosis Training Center (SBHTC) which drew students worldwide. The classes included Hypnosis Certification, Healing and Cell Memory and Psychic Development. 

Vera lives in Tucson Arizona where she enjoys her family and continues her spiritual development.

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Angel Vision

"One day during a hypnosis session for healing, I had an unforgettable experience which shaped the future of my work. To my surprise, I noticed a figure standing silently nearby and turned to discover my Guardian Angel.

I was in awe of its luminous beauty, yet it wasn’t until it shrugged its shoulders that I noticed the folded wings, so long they reached the floor. The gaze of the tall being never left me, and I could feel the power of God’s protection through its presence.

It showed me a scene lain out behind it which held countless angels that were all gloriously beautiful, and had the features of so many different races in their faces.

I heard a voice say, “These are all the angels you have yet to draw.” 

​- Chrissy


Angel Expert - Spiritual Artist

"I love to create art that gives you a visual of the heavenly beings around you so you feel loved, protected and guided! I begin my artwork with knowledge Angus imparts to us from the Other Side through hypnosis/trance sessions with Vera. With meticulous detail, I render pencil drawings meditatively, channeling love and the feeling behind each piece into it during its creation, knowing you can feel that emotion when viewing the art. I add details and symbols to help express the concept. The result is my artworks representing Angus’ teachings to heal and empower, whether new discoveries of Angel phyla, spiritual philosophy, or timeless inner qualities we find on our soul’s journey through past lives and to the Other Side.

My Path: "When I first walked into Sylvia Browne’s office, I never imagined I would go on to bring the Gnostic Christian philosophy of her spiritual organization to life for the first time through art in books, reaching people around the world…but it was only the beginning! What I thought was the pinnacle of my life was a stepping stone on my path to sharing new spiritual discoveries through art with the world. Now I find, the best has just begun!”


Chrissy became a full-time spiritual counselor and assistant for ten years in Sylvia Browne's office.​ She was ordained as a minister through Ms. Browne's organization Novus Spiritus, has delivered lectures on several spiritual topics and counseled church members. She developed and taught classes nationwide including Prayer and Mediation, and Contacting Spirit Guides and Angels, and utilized her art as a visual aid in workshops. 

Her art is represented by galleries in California, at national spiritual events, and is in many private collections across the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, and Japan.

Chrissy's interest in spiritual art was sparked in childhood through her drawings and writing of a past life memory. In 1994 she began depicting philosophy principles referred to as Gnositc Chronicles, now known as Art for the Soul. She lives in Tucson Arizona where  she enjoys her family and ongoing spiritual research for her art inspirations.

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