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Our Journey with Angus

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Our Journey with Angus

One October evening... 2004, Vera and I (Chrissy) did a hypnosis session to ease Vera's back pain. During the session, an entity on the Other Side relayed information through Vera to help me with some life challenges. In detail, he referred to personal experiences Vera couldn't have known because I had never told her. Little did we know that night, we were starting out on a journey through past lives, spiritual lessons, the Other Side, and a deep soul's bond which the three of us share.

​We felt such a kindred connection with this entity on the Other Side, whose name is Angus from a favorite Scottish life we shared, that we never stopped meeting with him through hypnosis. He provided great wisdom and insight into our lives and for our loved ones, that we continued our sessions weekly. A year later we had an experience that would change our lives forever. ​

During a hypnosis session in October 2005, Vera was relaying messages from Angus as usual, when she trailed off. For some time she didn’t say anything and I thought she fell asleep because her body twitched, like when one's falling asleep. Slowly she began to speak again, struggling at first. Her voice was much lower, deeper, slower, and had a Scottish accent, as if Angus himself was speaking through her, while referring to Vera in the third person.​

I was amazed and speechless. He told me things no one else knew besides myself, and that he would deliver more information in this manner, before saying he had to go. After a while of silence, Vera spoke again in her usual chipper tone. Following the session I was so excited, I repeated back to her what he said through her, thinking she was somehow cognizant of it. I was wrong. Not only did she not remember any of it but it completely freaked her out, and she didn’t know if she wanted to ever do sessions again.

This was the beginning of our journey together toward our vision, Souls Enlightenment. Fortunately, Vera overcame her initial fear and we have continued our sessions with Angus. Over the years we have compiled volumes of information from the Other Side to utilize through all facets of our work in Souls Enlightenment as a fully comprehensive spiritual source from which to gain healing for the soul, and achievements for life!

Share in our experience, knowledge and skills to help you in your journey!

-Chrissy and Vera

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About Angus

Angus is a Master Teacher who has come through Vera during hypnosis and trance sessions (Advice from the Other Side sessions and Evenings with Angus) since 2004 to relay information from the Other Side. His messages have deeply impacted our lives and our work. 

He has given us ongoing spiritual knowledge and astounding insight into what's happening in our lives and in the world. His profound messages have been helping us personally for years and has so much universal appeal, that we are driven to share it all, making it our life's work. 

Angus is at the heart of Souls Enlightenment, aiding Vera's past life readings and hypnosis, inspiring Chrissy's art and writing, and expanding our spiritual philosophy.

Our experience with him is the inspiration behind our mission together through Souls Enlightenment, to utilize our individual abilities and talents together to bring the wisdom from Angus and the Other Side, to the world. 

Souls Enlightenment is not about us - it's about the message and YOU!

*Angus' name and visage comes from a very powerful and favorite Scottish life he lived during sixteenth century Scotland.

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