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Past Lives and Angels

Dear Vera - Letter Questions

Advice from the Other Side


Reading and Spiritual Philosophy FAQ

We first discovered this Gnostic-Christian philosophy years ago and it answered so many of life's questions. Yet, since 2004 through our ongoing hypnosis and trance session research, we have found there is so much more! Our learning of spiritual knowledge continues on. Here we list a few basic terms. For all the rest, we share it in our videos and articles, promoting enlightenment for all!

You don't have to have the same philosophy for our services to be effective, nor do you need to change your religion or beliefs....just use what you like and ignore the rest.

Gnostic – Seeker of truth and knowledge. (Note: We are Gnostic Christian and believe in God, and not to be confused with Agnostic which is a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.)

What is our Life Chart?

Our Chart is our Contract with God which we made before we came into life. We choose our experiences to perfect our soul and to help as many people as we can along the way. Others on the Other Side are watching and learning from us. We write a very definitive script of what we wish to accomplish, often with difficult lessons to perfect our soul.


What is a Life Theme?

A Life Theme is our purpose in life that we choose to perfect and which pushes us to complete our goal. Our Primary Theme is positive. A Secondary Theme is more harsh and difficult; to change that track, change your patterns.


What is an Option Line?

An Option Line is an area of our life which we write in as we go after we come into life. It is a challenge and often gives us trouble. It can be any area such as health, career, finances, family, social, or spiritual.


What is a Spirit Guide?

A Spirit Guide is a person/entity on the Other Side who has petitioned to be with us since birth and for this whole lifetime. Their role and responsibilities are vast. They experience our life with us giving us infusion, communication, and help in many ways.​


What is a Master Teacher?

A Master Teacher is a person/entity on the Other Side who helps us in our life by bringing greater understanding and higher awareness, such as Jesus who was a great messenger. They are very wise from having spiritually evolved through many lifetimes. ​​

What is a Master Healer?
A Master Healer is a wise person/entity on the Other Side who focuses primarily on helping us with healing knowledge which they have perfected through living many lifetimes.


What is Cell Memory?  
Cell Memory is a variation of body memory and knowledge the soul gathers from past lives. It is the key to resolving current health issues.

What is the White Light? 

The emanation of God's love is the White Light of the Holy Spirit. It fills and illuminates the Other Side, and it protects us from fear and negativity. ​​

What is a Desert Period? 

It is a difficult time in one's life that tests the strength of their soul, which they must go through alone and often they feel isolated, anxious and fearful. Their Spirit Guide cannot help them, but their Angels can, illustrating that we are never truly alone or without God's help.

What is the Other Side? 

The Other Side is another word for Heaven, where we come from and go back to after this life, and where we feel pure love.


What is Reincarnation?​ 

The belief that we can incarnate into life more than once, to have varying experiences, so as to spiritually evolve and perfect our soul. 


What is a Soul Tribe?
A Soul Tribe is a group of people/entities who tend to come into life together over and over. They can run in small circles like close friends or large circles like groups of people who resonate to similar likes and beliefs. Not only do they tend to be around each other while in life but on the Other Side as well.


What are the Golden Keys of Knowledge?

The virtues we aspire to attain are spiritual keys of knowledge. They are our spiritual achievements, gained through difficult life tests, and at times it can take several lifetimes to perfect one.

What is a Totem Animal? 
It is a spirit animal of nature that you feel a connection to. They can protect us, and they can also help bring up the qualities within ourselves which they symbolize, i.e. the strength of one's bear totem animal could help bring up their inner strength.


What is the difference between a Light Soul and a Lost Light Soul?

The term Light or Lost Light entities is referring to the state of our soul and has nothing to do with the color of our skin! A  Light Soul is a person who has goodwill and a pure motive; characteristics attributed to God and the White Light of the Holy Spirit. A Dark Soul is a person with dark motives and malicious intent, and seizes opportunities to do harm.

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