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Writing by the Water

Past Lives and Angels

Dear Vera - Letter Questions

Reading and Philosophy FAQ

Reading and Spiritual Philosophy FAQ

We first discovered this Gnostic-Christian philosophy years ago and it answered so many of life's questions. Yet, since 2004 through our ongoing hypnosis and trance session research, we have found there is so much more! Our learning of spiritual knowledge continues on. Here we list a few basic terms. For all the rest, we share it in our videos and articles, promoting enlightenment for all!

You don't have to have the same philosophy for our services to be effective, nor do you need to change your religion or beliefs....just use what you like and ignore the rest.

Gnostic – Seeker of truth and knowledge. (Note: We are Gnostic Christian and believe in God, and not to be confused with Agnostic which is a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.)

What is our Life Chart?

Our Chart is our Contract with God which we made before we came into life. We choose our experiences to perfect our soul and to help as many people as we can along the way. Others on the Other Side are watching and learning from us. We write a very definitive script of what we wish to accomplish, often with difficult lessons to perfect our soul.


What is a Life Theme?

A Life Theme is our purpose in life that we choose to perfect and which pushes us to complete our goal. Our Primary Theme is positive. A Secondary Theme is more harsh and difficult; to change that track, change your patterns.


What is an Option Line?

An Option Line is an area of our life which we write in as we go after we come into life. It is a challenge and often gives us trouble. It can be any area such as health, career, finances, family, social, or spiritual.


What is a Spirit Guide?

A Spirit Guide is a person/entity on the Other Side who has petitioned to be with us since birth and for this whole lifetime. Their role and responsibilities are vast. They experience our life with us giving us infusion, communication, and help in many ways.​


What is a Master Teacher?

A Master Teacher is a person/entity on the Other Side who helps us in our life by bringing greater understanding and higher awareness, such as Jesus who was a great messenger. They are very wise from having spiritually evolved through many lifetimes. ​​

What is a Master Healer?
A Master Healer is a wise person/entity on the Other Side who focuses primarily on helping us with healing knowledge which they have perfected through living many lifetimes.


What is Cell Memory?  
Cell Memory is a variation of body memory and knowledge the soul gathers from past lives. It is the key to resolving current health issues.

What is the White Light? 

The emanation of God's love is the White Light of the Holy Spirit. It fills and illuminates the Other Side, and it protects us from fear and negativity. ​​

What is a Desert Period? 

It is a difficult time in one's life that tests the strength of their soul, which they must go through alone and often they feel isolated, anxious and fearful. Their Spirit Guide cannot help them, but their Angels can, illustrating that we are never truly alone or without God's help.

What is the Other Side? 

The Other Side is another word for Heaven, where we come from and go back to after this life, and where we feel pure love.


What is Reincarnation?​ 

The belief that we can incarnate into life more than once, to have varying experiences, so as to spiritually evolve and perfect our soul. 


What is a Soul Tribe?
A Soul Tribe is a group of people/entities who tend to come into life together over and over. They can run in small circles like close friends or large circles like groups of people who resonate to similar likes and beliefs. Not only do they tend to be around each other while in life but on the Other Side as well.


What are the Golden Keys of Knowledge?

The virtues we aspire to attain are spiritual keys of knowledge. They are our spiritual achievements, gained through difficult life tests, and at times it can take several lifetimes to perfect one.

What is a Totem Animal? 
It is a spirit animal of nature that you feel a connection to. They can protect us, and they can also help bring up the qualities within ourselves which they symbolize, i.e. the strength of one's bear totem animal could help bring up their inner strength.


What is the difference between a Light Soul and a Lost Light Soul?

The term Light or Lost Light entities is referring to the state of our soul and has nothing to do with the color of our skin! A  Light Soul is a person who has goodwill and a pure motive; characteristics attributed to God and the White Light of the Holy Spirit. A Dark Soul is a person with dark motives and malicious intent, and seizes opportunities to do harm.

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Wild Path

Past Life Regression Examples

An example of a session for an intense healing is from my client M came to see me for chronic back issues. She had debilitating pain in her upper, middle and lower back. She was diagnosed with severe curvature of the spine and was taking huge doses of pain medication and shots. M was at her wits end and wanted to find pain relief without having to take so much medication. 


In her session she experienced three different lifetimes in which she had injuries to her back. The most significant life for her was the Templar life in France. She was riding through a forest where she was surprised by the enemy and surrounded. The horse was startled, and she was thrown off. The horses hoof landed right in the middle of her back in such a way, it severed her spine, rendering her paralyzed from the waist down. She was saved by her fellow Templars but was bedridden the rest of that life, feeling helpless and hopeless until her death. After all, she was a Templar and always felt a need to serve which carried over into her current life

We released the negative cell memory from that past life and brought forward the strong healthy back she had before. The feeling of helplessness from those injuries was released as well. After all, we have already experienced the challenging situations, trauma, etc. in our past life. We do not need to experience that negativity again. It is like, "Been there, done that." We look back for understanding and a plan for our current life.

Another example of a session is my client S. She did not have anything specific she wanted to explore. (Just so you know, your Soul Mind will take you exactly where you need to go, not necessarily where you consciously want it to go.) 

​S found herself in London in the late 1800's. Her name was Lucy Cooper, a teenager, who clearly loved life and worked in a sweatshop clothing factory. It was amazing she even got the job as she didn't know how to sew! Lucy was proficient at cutting out patterns and did so with great speed. She made a deal with her co-workers that she would cut out all the patterns if they sewed enough clothes to where she met the minimum quota. She died in a fire in that clothing factory but was very brave and tried to calm the ladies by singing.  

There were a few things that made so much sense to S after viewing Lucy's life.... One amazing thing was S had to have a sewing machine in her home. She did not sew and never used the machine. S was deathly afraid of dying in a fire and after seeing Lucy's life, totally understood why. We released the fear of fire and she was no longer afraid to die period, which offered her great peace.

There you have it! I have given you a couple of examples of past lives which immensely helped my clients, and it gives you a peek into the realm of possibilities you may experience when you schedule a Soul Journey Session!

Past Life Regression Examples

Hypnosis Myths and Misconceptions

From Vera...
I am passionate about the world of hypnosis and trust that the myths and misconceptions won’t be a hindrance to people who can benefit from hypnosis. I've talked with Chrissy in recent videos about a few myths and misconceptions such as; a hypnotist has the power to manipulate and take control of the client, to -I’m too powerful and too smart to be hypnotized. Here are a few more that I would like to mention.


Hypnosis is an unnatural state: Hypnosis is a natural state of being akin to daydreaming. Some people expect hypnosis to “feel” different and are disappointed. Someone hypnotized has a heightened state of awareness. They can hear a pin drop so to speak. A client always ‘knows’ what is going on around them.

Hypnotists have mystical powers: This myth comes from Dr. Anton Mesmer who believed he solely had the power to heal his patients with magnets. Other Doctors who used hypnosis proved the patient was an integral part of the healing process. ​


​Hypnosis is occult and brings in evil: This could not be more wrong as the client is in control of what they want to experience. Also, we are all protected by the Soul Mind (God protected).  A client will not go anywhere or bring anything up if they are not ready to do so.


A client can get “stuck” in hypnosis and won’t come back: There is no way a client won’t come back from hypnosis. Sometimes a client wants to stay in a state of hypnosis because it feels so good but always, always they come back to their conscious state.  In some cases, a client will fall asleep but THEY WAKE UP! Everyone has a chart to complete, a contract with God, so guess what…you are not going anywhere :)  but back to yourself.

Not all people can be hypnotized: There is truth to this but let me explain why. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and an inherent human ability, therefore all people can be hypnotized. Not all hypnotists can hypnotize all clients. Some people work better with a different healing modality such as meditation, prayer, etc. so as a hypnotist I want whatever works for my client. Also there has to be trust between hypnotist and client.  Hypnotists are one of the tools in the client’s toolbox to aid them in whatever they want to accomplish.

I am confident that all of the myths and misconceptions of hypnosis will be in the past. Its the 21st century after all…

Hypnosis Myths and Misconceptions

Hypnosis FAQ

What is hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is a natural, relaxed attentive state of consciousness. In hypnosis, we by-pass the critical factor of the mind and we have heightened awareness. There the inner mind is more receptive to acceptable, beneficial suggestions, thus,  we are more receptive to change and healing. Remember our soul mind knows exactly what is right for us, mental absorption is increased and we are open to ways on how to get there. And guess what? There are no side effects with hypnosis!

Can a person be hypnotized against his will?
Absolutely Not!! You cannot be hypnotized against your will. You must be a willing client. Your hypnotist must have your full cooperation and more importantly your trust.

Will a hypnotized person perform any anti-social, criminal/ immoral acts or tell deep dark secrets while in Hypnosis? 

​Again No. People who are hypnotized will not do or say anything in Hypnosis that they would not normally do or say in the waking, conscious state. You retain your morals and values. When hypnotized, you are aware of everything that is going on around you. Your senses are heightened AND You are always in control of your session in hypnosis. 


Who can be hypnotized? Do you have to be weak-minded or strong-minded?
Anyone with average intelligence can be hypnotized but having a strong mind is definitely an asset when dealing with hypnosis.  Strength of mind really has little to do with it. Either a weak-minded or strong-minded person who resists will make it a challenge for the hypnotist.  However, because Hypnosis helps a person gain greater control over both mind and body, it can help a person develop a stronger mind.

Will I be asleep?
No. When a person is in Hypnosis, they are not asleep. You are very much aware of all that is going on. Of course, if a person is tired, it is possible to fall asleep during hypnosis. However, then, the client is asleep and no longer in hypnosis. In actuality, when this occurs, the state of sleep is a light but relaxing state of sleep. A simple suggestion to wake up given by the hypnotist is all that is required to wake up the client. 


Is there a possibility that someone could not be brought out of Hypnosis?
No! Not a chance. It is not possible. You cannot get stuck in Hypnosis because you do not lose control when you are hypnotized. Hypnosis is a cooperative relationship. When you are hypnotized, you retain full control over your mind and your body. Sometimes, people feel so relaxed and comfortable in Hypnosis that they may wish to remain in that state for a little longer. However, a simple suggestion for awakening (or alerting) is all that is needed to bring a subject back into the Waking State even if the subject has fallen asleep. Additionally, when the hypnotist stops talking, the subject will soon awaken on his own. Most importantly, you can come out of hypnosis any time you want.  


Can a person in Hypnosis be made to bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken?
No. This is not what happens in Therapeutic or Clinical Hypnosis. On the other hand, volunteers during Stage Hypnosis Show, which is for entertainment purposes only, will typically go along with the Stage Hypnotist’s suggestions as long as it is all in good fun and for entertainment purposes. 


Can a person be dominated through hypnosis?
No. Hypnosis is not about taking power from someone. On the contrary, hypnosis is about being powerful.  It is not about "zap, you are under my power!" like Svengali-type stuff. Hypnosis is a cooperative and collaborative relationship. The client retains full control and responsibility for their actions at all times. This myth comes from old movies and novels such as the old novel "Trilby". 

What is the best age for being hypnotized?
People can be hypnotized at any age! Children are amazing clients as they are so open and willing to explore their options. They listen and they discover
ways to help themselves in the most extraordinary ways and they love metaphors. However, anyone at any age can be helped to solve their problems with the tool of hypnosis.


What are the requirements of a good client? 
They are mainly the desire to be hypnotized and to experience Hypnosis. A client should be able to concentrate, the willingness to cooperate and follow instructions, and the relative absence of mistrust and fear. 


Is deep Hypnosis necessary? 
For most purposes, deep Hypnosis is not necessary. For a therapeutic setting, a light degree of Hypnosis is all that is necessary for experiencing the therapeutic benefits of Hypnosis. In other words, we typically do not need or aim for Deep Trance. The therapeutic client is awake and aware of everything that is going on, but very relaxed.

Can challenged clients become better at hypnosis? 

Most definitely, yes! Repetition is the key but more importantly, strong motivation is a must. More sessions can improve the depth of relaxation, concentration, and absorption that a client can attain. Willingness and being open also helps.


How can one learn Self Hypnosis?

You can learn Self Hypnosis from a good CD or even a book authored by a competent Hypnosis professional. However, your best bet is to have the experience first of being hypnotized by a qualified Hypnosis professional, and then learn from that hypnotist how to enter the hypnotic state on your own. At that point, tapes (CDs) and books can be very useful aids, guides, and sources of information and inspiration. 


What are the benefits of Self Hypnosis?
The foremost benefit of learning and practicing Self Hypnosis is to initiate and continue the process of positive self-change. The regular use of Self Hypnosis facilitates the continuation of healthy changes in behaviors, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes. When you practice Self Hypnosis you enter a state of self-relaxation. When you are relaxed, you cannot be uncomfortable or anxious or stressed, or in pain. Relaxation is the physical and emotional opposite of these negative feelings. Practicing Self Hypnosis conditions your ability to relax at will. It builds your ability to control your mind and your body. More control is the goal, and with more control, you gain a greater ability to control your symptoms. Then the process of healing can begin.

How does Hypnosis work?
Once the Hypnotic State is induced and the doorway to the Subconscious Mind is opened, with your permission, the competent Hypnotist can provide information, in a language and form that the Subconscious can accept, to help you change the behaviors, feelings, and thoughts that you want to change and institute healing. We utilize the fact that the Subconscious Mind has the ability (actually the tendency) to accept what it imagines as real.  


What role does the Subconscious Mind play? 

The Subconscious part of the mind, or the Soul Mind, controls all of our living functions that keep us alive, as well as all of our automatic behavior patterns. Information is imprinted in the Subconscious essentially in three ways: through trauma, through repetition, and through the language of Hypnosis. Thus, Hypnosis is the quickest and most efficient way to impress the Subconscious and imprint changes in behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings and initiate healing. The upshot is that making changes in long-standing, core habits (e.g., eating patterns, smoking, emotional reactivity, coping responses) often creates internal discomfort and stress. Old habits cling and typically resist efforts to change them. This can be because of Conscious conflict about changing, but it can also be the result of conflict between the Conscious and the Subconscious parts of the mind. That is, you consciously may want to change and may have decided to change, but the Subconscious does not know this. If it did, it would help you, but it often has no way of knowing that you consciously want to change. So, it continues to control the old behavioral habits and this creates and perpetuates inner conflict. Once the Subconscious is informed that you want to change, and once it knows that it is in your best interest to be helped to change, it has no choice but to help you change. Then, the two parts to the mind, Conscious, and Subconscious, can work together in cooperation with little tension, upset, or stress. Remember, what you can conceive you can achieve. Believe it!


What are some of the benefits of Hypnosis?
There are many benefits and uses for Hypnosis. To mention but a few of the more common uses:       

  • inspire relaxation

  • relieve tensions

  • relieve diagnosed chronic  pain

  • in childbirth

  • diminish and control anxiety

  • eliminate phobias

  • ​aid in alleviating depression

  • improve self-confidence

  • control mood swings

  • modify or change hurtful traits

  • ​stop smoking

  • ​lose weight through changing eating and other habits

  • ​improve concentration and memory

  • improve study habits

  • develop natural abilities

  • relieve insomnia

  • ​stop bedwetting

  • in dentistry

  • in optometry

  • stop bruxism (grinding teeth)

  • preparation for surgery or other​ medical procedures

Can Hypnosis "cure"?
Hypnosis by itself is not a "cure". It is a healing tool to be used along  with any therapy or treatment deemed necessary by a professional who is qualified to render that treatment. Medical treatments must be supervised by a medical physician. Similarly, psychological treatments for emotional or psychological problems must be supervised by a qualified psychology or mental health practitioner.

Hypnosis FAQ
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