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Crystal Bracelets

Hi Vera, I just received your bracelet and I put it on right away, even though we are in a winter storm and today I am just writing papers and doing laundry! Ha ha. I was attracted to this bracelet because it was from you, and also the colors are what I am morphing towards: light blues, and browns. My bracelet matches my unique glasses and if it adds power/calmness/healing and my overall transformation, which has been likened to a 3rd degree of change, it is worth every penny! - Debbie B

You Tube

Vera and Chrissy are in a small slice of spiritual teachers on YouTube, in the category of (Vera a) " Sensible Psychics". Teachers who give practical, uplifting advice, drawing from everyday examples from personal experiences and of the more well-known celebrity variety---not in that dark click bait sort of way, but in a gentle exploration of human behavior that we can all learn from. - Dylan


You guys are really wonderful people who have the gift of spiritual archery -you hit the mark even when the mark is out of sight. - Athena

Advice from Angus 
​Holy Cow, I just got done listening to you Vera and Chrissy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I LOVED it! You guys Rock! And of course a big Thank You to Angus! You definitely answered my questions to a T! Sweet! This yet another Spiritual Jackpot win!

- Tracey


Soul Life Reading

Vera,thank you so much for spending your time with me yesterday to share your reading. The information you provided me gave me much needed perspective on my life, including the fears that have been holding me back. You have beautiful energy and I felt our chat just flew by. I look forward to continuing to be inspired by all that you create. - Shikha

Goddess Art

I absolutely loved the Goddess Art. I really connected with the symbolizing of having self-worth. This is something I have struggled with for years is a lack of self-worth and self-esteem. Thank you so much Chrissy for the Goddess art symbolizing such a positive message to know your own self-worth (Babylonian Queen picture). I loved the message in where the moon connects with the water about receiving messages from our spirit guides, master teachers and Mother and Father God. I also love Vera's advice on crystals. I love crystals and crystal healing. - Kellie


​Advice from Angus
Hey Vera and Chrissy, I love everything you guys do with your work and the great comforting Messages you guys share. Angus answered a question I had a while back that really helped me change my life for the better and gave me a better understanding of my life's purpose and what I need to do to change it. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank him and you guys. You're both so amazing in what you do individually. God bless both of you. With much loving regards. - Eric


Oh my goodness!! Thank you soo much for this birthmark reading!! It made me cry because this was the first time I found out any of my past life information! It really resonates because I used to want to be an artist when I was younger! - Mario


Thanks! I'm so appreciative of you ladies! The art helps me stay spiritually minded and the things you share help me to continue to grow and evolve. - Adrian ​

​Soul stalking: I thought I knew it all. You ladies are bringing me new things to learn more about. Plus - you are both lovely. Thank you! ​- YouTube Viewer

My angel brought me to you two. You are the best. Thank You for always showing love to humanity. - Ey

Thank you both.. the two of you ladies are like a gentle breeze that opens our hearts to hearing the love you share with each and everyone of us. You are so greatly loved and appreciated! - Linda


Advice from Angus

Dear Vera and Angus,
I just listened to my tape you sent me and I wanted to thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gifts with me. I never expected to get so much information. So many things make sense now. I am looking forward to sending in more questions. - Cindy ​

Past Lives & Angels

Hey Ladies,

Vera and Chrissy, I love this topic. For me, understanding Who I once was and what I went through and felt in that other life helped me get a good understanding and perspective in the changes I needed to make in this life. Changes that’s helped me evolve as a human; soul, mind, body, and spirit. I will always be grateful for you ladies and Angus helping me take the first steps with my journey. As I continue with the awakening of my soul, I send you all much love and gratitude. - Eric

Angel Art

Your art is gorgeous. I just can't describe their beauty - very ethereal. I saw a Principality once and that is exactly what it looked like. The planet needs more people like you Christina– you are truly blessed and touched by the hand of God."- Sandra J.

Past Lives & Angels
​​​​​Hi Vera and Chrissy,
I received my beautiful artwork today and I just wanted to thank you both for the wonderful experience this reading provided. I have been interested in pet psychics my entire life, and since I was little I've been reading books, watching videos, and practicing telepathy with animals on my own. Animal rights are also something I've always been passionate about, but it's interesting because before this reading I hadn't ever seriously considered that helping animals is something I could peruse as my career at some point. This reading helped to validate aspects of myself that I had written off as weird or not taken seriously.
I had also been feeling a bit lost about what steps I should take next in my life, but a few weeks after this reading I was sitting at work one day and everything just clicked and I knew what I should do next. I've decided on making a career change and going back to school for something that I've been interested in for a long time and can use to directly help animals in the future. I've also been taking my interest in pet psychics more seriously, and I'm going to start making more time to practice and see where it leads me :). 
Thank you both for all your guidance, I feel like I've finally been able to break through a block and make changes to move into the next phase of my life. - Mary P.


Advice from Angus

Hi Vera
There are no words I have to thank you both and of course Angus for the information I received last night. I have listened to the recording numerous times and after the initial shock of the first time I have cried too.
Being betrayed in a previous life in a fire by my father is a great explanation for the anger I’ve carried internally for most of my life too.
About the allergies to cats and dogs, I actually had a allergy test a couple years ago and it did not show any allergies to anything including animals and I thought the tests were wrong, because my reactions are always so severe, and now I know they really weren’t wrong.
I had a extreme fear of fire as a child and went to bed every night afraid the house would burn while I was asleep and I would be trapped. I had a dream a couple years ago of being trapped in a small something (I could not identify what) and I knew there was heat and fire around me. I awoke from that pretty shook up.
One last thing I have to mention was the ornament with people holding hands with a candle in the middle mentioned by Vera/Angus. I actually had one of those for many years but I had it in a cupboard and something about it always bothered me so I got rid of it. Maybe I’m ready to get another one to help with the healing process.
God bless you and thank you for this service.
Lots of love and gratitude. - Connie

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