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Principality Angels and Father God sighting in Meditation

by Mary Simonds (Chrissy's mom)

During a meditation, I experienced going to the Other Side/Heaven. I was comfortably walking along a pathway on a pleasant hillside. On the left there was an enjoyable view of a slowly flowing stream.

Soon there was a large level area on the right. I followed the pathway feeling happy and peaceful, looking forward to experiencing what was ahead.

I came upon a large structure on the left. There were many extended seats where the Principality Angels were beginning to sit. These Angels were incredibly tall, at least over seven feet! They were pleasant and non-threatening in any way.

Eventually Father God arrived and was communicating with the Principalities as He was standing at the podium. When He was finished, He walked toward me and opened a doorway on the right side, to a room.

It seemed like an office with simple surroundings. As He looked at me, I noticed His visage was Asian; He was very calming. From the Other Side, we learned that Father God has all the races in His face. Apparently, His presence is appropriate for our needs at the time. I felt very comfortable and fulfilled with His love.

After my visit seemed complete, I was back on the path to return to my meditative position and returned to consciousness when I was ready.

Recently, I shared this experience with Vera and my daughter Christina, and that the Angels I saw looked like the Principality my daughter drew! I have her Principality Angel art in my room to remind me of their presence and Father God always with me. Christina’s Principality art is available HERE.

Many blessings and love to all of you in every way!

Mary Simonds

Note: I made a simple, basic sketch of the seating area and podium I saw in the meditation. Please see below.


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Wow Mary! You are so quiet. But when you give us your journey to the Other side, I feel like I go there with you. The grace of your experience continues to us as we read these! Please keep them coming!

I saw Father God once back in Michigan in a meditation but it was because I was trying to draw him and paint with water colors. He looked of African descent but not super distinguished African features per se it was a blend of features but he was loving wearing purple robes. I have one of your daughter Chrissy's Principality Angels in my office at home here in Colorado Springs. I asked him his name once and he told…

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He is extremely loving!


Cindy Abbott
Cindy Abbott
Apr 26, 2023

Thank you Mary,

What a fascinating and uplifting experience.

Hearing about the other side is so comforting.

I love my Principality Angel .I had him by our bedside after my husband’s cancer diagnosis and I have since put him in the family room where we spend the most time

and we can look at and experience his healing powers every time we walk past him.

I have often wondered what Father God looks like.

Chrissy Simonds
Chrissy Simonds
Apr 26, 2023
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Thank you for sharing Cindy!! We are so happy you and your husband are utilizing your Principality Angel art in such a healing way -to know these powerful beings are right there, channeling God’s love for you!💙🙏🌟💜 P.S. my mom wants to really thank you for your kind message🙏💛

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