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PODCAST Japanese Tsunami Ghosts and Dog-Mauling Survivor's Past Life

Join us as we discuss earth-bound spirits from the tsunami in Japan, and look in to the past life of a woman who is a dog-mauling survivor and how it connects to this lifetime.

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Chrissy Simonds
Chrissy Simonds
Jun 27, 2022

valerie3249 we are so sorry to hear about your godfather🙏💙 such a traumatic way to leave this life. We have discovered from Vera‘s master teacher Angus (on the Other Side) that when we return ‘home’ after this lifetime, no matter how traumatic our ‘exit’, we are fully intact on the Other Side. We don’t carry the trauma/negativity with us; only the positive like the love we share with our loved ones💙💜


My godfather was mauled by a pit bull a few years back his name was Valentine he was retired and was walking his Pomeranian one morning and the bit bull broke free from behind a gate and started attacking his dog my godfather was trying to help him and stepped between the sidewalk and the street but fell and the dog mauled him after splitting the small dog in half. My godfather was in a coma in the hospital but he died from his wounds….😫

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