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On the first day of Christmas, my Angel gave to me…

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

…Healing and joyful energy! This Christmas season, your Angel of Blessings is visiting you. She heralds the blessing of good health and wellbeing your Angel team on the Other Side brings you. Even if you have been a little under the weather, like we (Chrissy and Vera) have been, your Angels can facilitate your healing, increase your energy, and meet your merry-making and personal goals this winter!

Your Blessings Angel reminds you that your Angels are tending to you at night while you sleep, throughout your day, while you're resting, meditating, or simply thinking of your Angels. They are powerful beings, each with specific functions to help you through every facet of life. God thought of everything! From helping your mental acuity, to protection from fear, to filling you with joy that dispels depression. They add to your spiritual toolbox, so to speak, and the more you know about what they do, the more you call on your Angels, the more protected you feel, the more your health and energy improves.

The Blessing Angel’s joy reminds you, you are never alone! There is nowhere Angels fear to tread. Through your darkest nights, greatest challenges and worst illness, they are right by your side. Even when going through desert periods in your life in which your Spirit Guides cannot step in, your Angels are always allowed to still help. That is how much God loves you; giving you the opportunity to still learn the lessons you charted, but never letting you go through it alone. You are never without your Angel team, through which God works, watching over, protecting, healing and loving you every step of the way.

Your Angels love you and so do we!💙🙏🌲💜

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So can we give them carte blanche like we do our spirit guides to read our minds and help us even when we don't know how to ask for it, for the duration of our lives?

Gefällt mir
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