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Hang a shining star upon the highest bough…

The lyrics to this song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (look it up you youngsters) are powerful and symbolic, and in listening to it, we want to highlight the color gold this week. We think of a Christmas tree’s golden star to symbolize the meaning of this rich color. Just like our beautiful golden stars sparkle atop our Christmas trees, gold represents higher consciousness, also known as the Christ consciousness. This is exactly what the spirit of Christmas is all about, when our compassion, caring for each other, empathy and generosity come out.

This is what Christ is all about and it is what we -our higher self, is too. This is who we are on the Other Side, we are not afraid of rejection and so give love freely. We know we are enough and a powerful being, so we elevate others and appreciate their amazing qualities. There is no fear on the Other Side, so we share unconditionally, like lessons learned, knowledge gained, and credit for good deeds. We know in bringing others up, we shine more😎

I’ll never forget one trance when Angus described Jesus. He said Jesus is so loving that we aspire to reach that level of spiritual heights and love. I was in awe because in our eighteen years experiencing Angus during trances through Vera, we’ve noticed how he is unconditionally loving to everyone. He is 100% non-judgmental, accepting and understanding of every person he speaks to. To hear him speak of another beautiful soul, he aspires to be like, wowed me. It shows us our lack of ego on the Other Side; rather, we have our true sense of self. This means we know who we are; our strengths, beauty and goodness. We don’t feel a need to prove it to others. We just are.

Life is not easy. Tests every day when we can feel slighted, resentful, taken advantage of, or angry. The beauty of this time of year, as well as the color gold, is it’s a reminder of our higher self -who we truly are. As we are in Heaven, so we are in life. We can choose to be above the negative feelings which wreak havoc in our life, our relationships and in our bodies, to shine our light like gold stars atop this tree of life.

Sparkle on!💙🌟💜

Chrissy and Vera

P.S. Who inspires you? Please let us know in the comments below!

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