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Giving Up an Addiction

by Mary Simonds (Chrissy's mom)

This article is about my experience quitting smoking cigarettes many years ago; it may be applied to other types of addictions as well. Thoughts to consider are to know the pure truth about a situation, have the goal of a greater good outside of yourself, and this will give you the perfect courage to quit.

I originally made up my mind to quit smoking, as an example to a loved one, hoping it would help them quit their addiction. I thought, “If I can quit this, maybe they can to!”

You may want to ask yourself, “What was the loss that created the grief which caused the addiction to start?” I began smoking when I was separated from my husband and couldn’t be around my children every day.

I made some routine changes in my daily life to help me quit smoking:

  1. I said a prayer every day to forget that I was ever a smoker and to create positive changes in my life; previously I had smoked a pack a day for twelve years.

  2. I changed my beverage habits. Instead of drinking coffee at different times of the day, which made me want to smoke, I limited it to only coffee in the morning.

  3. I focused on not substituting my smoking habit for another undesirable habit, by concentrating on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It wasn’t easy. There were difficult feelings, experiences and lessons that came up for me. I cried almost daily for about nine months, releasing pain I had buried. I went for frequent short walks to release stress, as I felt claustrophobic in small spaces, even in a vehicle. I smelled all the flowers or natural scents I could, to substitute inhaling cigarette smoke. I used aromatherapy such as scents of candles and sage.

When I smoked, I was never tired, hungry or sad; however, looking back at photographs from that time, my skin looked gray, especially around my eyes.

At the time, I never thought about or wanted to quit smoking. Now, I cannot imagine smoking because it’s so unhealthy for my lungs and so expensive! When I see someone smoking, I want to tell them that they can quit too! I turned a negative (smoking) into a positive; I never faltered in my desire to quit because my desire to help myself and my loved one was greater!

Vera and Chrissy’s services and products can help heal your soul from the challenges and pain from this life and other lifetimes; like finding the origin of what caused your addiction. Whether it’s a Soul Life Reading or Soul Journey Session with Vera, or Chrissy’s Power Angel art (Angel that helps addiction) or other helping Angels, the understanding and visual affirmations can help you move forward with joy, health, and happiness!

Bless you with much love, health, and happiness! I hope my story helps you also.

Best wishes,

Mary Simonds

* Souls Enlightenment/Vera and Christina are not licensed medical or mental health practitioners, or licensed family counselors and cannot give medical diagnosis. Any health-related/healing information contained within does not intend to serve as medical advice, or cure any diseases and should not be relied upon in your health-related decision making. The information is available to assist in expanding and developing one's understanding of prevailing attitudes and beliefs within the medical and holistic fields. Nor is Souls Enlightenment/Vera and Christina licensed career, financial, or investment advisers. Guidance and suggestions given is based on intuitive insight and spiritual philosophy.


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I. When, a quite little child, I was dwelling In the House of my Father’s Kingdom, And in the wealth and the glories Of my Up-bringers I was delighting, From the East, our Home, my Parents Forth-sent


Congratulations on quitting. Growing up Mormon I never had a desire to smoke or drink liquor. Growing up in the church taught I was going to hell and now I know that is false, so in essence, like you, I turned a negative into a positive

Chrissy Simonds
Chrissy Simonds
Jun 04, 2023
Replying to

That’s hard to do -good for you ibwizard! 🙏💛

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