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Powers Angels are healing angels. They are relegated to mental and emotional issues, and ultimately -physical issues as well. Their function is peace and in gaining peace of mind, we are able to find healing. They foster healing through wrapping their wings around you and dispersing electromagnetic energy from their wingtips which travels throughout your body, rejuvenating your cells. While embracing you, they place their forehead to yours and transfer their power to you so you can continue to use it. When you need healing, rejuvenating energy or mental acuity, ask the Powers Angel to help you. In addition, engage the power they have transferred to you by visualizing it traveling from your mind/third-eye chakra, to flow throughout your body.


Angus on the Other Side teaches that every time you see the Powers Angel image, it registers in your subconscious mind, like a physical affirmation of his abilities and presence in your life. This visual reminder strengthens your connection with your Powers Angel, making you more aware he's there, and likely to utilize his special abilities, as well as reminds you to engage the healing, re-energizing power he's imparted to you.


This is why I create this art and Vera relays Angel information from Angus. From our heart to yours, we pray you remember to call on your Angels for help on your life path.


💙Christina and Vera💜

Power Angel

  • This print is an 11 x 14 image on cardstock paper. Color canvases are stretched over a wood frame with a 1 and 1/2 inch gallery wrap.

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