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Blessing of the Home prayer

Dearest God

We ask for your blessings upon this home making it a peaceful, positive, inspiring and joyful place to experience life everyday in everyway.

Any negative event or experience that may have happened here is neutralized and released with love, grace, understanding and healing of the soul.

Every area of this home is a comforting, embracing and rejuvenating blessing for all of us everyday and in everyway.

We are free of fear, guilt and judging ourselves being completely safe, protected, loved and understood.

Every area of this home, whether inside or outside, will guide us in understanding life for the greater good of ourselves and others to bring blessings our way in mind, body and spirit.

This home is blessed with God’s love and acceptance, giving us courage, standing by our truth, experience and knowledge. Only love for our self and our loved ones remains. Only happiness will exist in this home.

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I. When, a quite little child, I was dwelling In the House of my Father’s Kingdom, And in the wealth and the glories Of my Up-bringers I was delighting, From the East, our Home, my Parents Forth-sent

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