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Blast That Addiction!

by Vera

The last several years, energy swirling around us has been challenging to say the least! Now pepper that energy with our individual Life Chart experiences and it can be overwhelming.

At this point and time, after speaking with several friends and clients, being human is especially trying. Some have been self-medicating just to make it through the week, then before you know it, they are dealing with addiction. Some people are dealing with watching helplessly as a loved one is going down that spiral of addiction.

Lordy, Lordy! What to do? What to do?

If you (the reader) are dealing with an addiction that you can’t get a handle on but know you need help, Bless you!

The first step is to know you have a problem. Reach out to your physician and/or mental health professional to decide the best care for you. Reach out to trusted loved ones or friends to help you to maintain your path to sobriety!

You can also utilize spiritual tools to aid in your recovery/sobriety along with your health care professional’s plan. You can utilize the energy of Light to guide your recovery, such as Purple Light for rightful thinking, White Light for protection, Green Light for healing! You can say a little prayer in the morning and visualize the lights around you throughout the day. If it’s challenging to visualize, then give it to your Spirit Guide /Angels to do it for you. Don’t make it hard, just saying it makes it so!

You can also utilize crystal energy to aid in your quest for living your best life …sober. In my experience, crystals hold energy or vibrations if you will, that merge with our energy, which helps us feel more balanced energetically and helps us vibrate at a higher level.

You can place crystals throughout your home, in your purse/pocket/bra etc., so we can feel and see the crystals and be reminded daily of the crystal’s benefits. Empowering!

This week I’m sharing information about Crystals for Alcohol Addiction.

Amethyst is the go-to crystal for Alcohol addiction. Back in the day, Greeks used Amethyst to prevent them from becoming drunk. If fact, amethyst translates to “not drunk.” But amethyst is much more, it can offer relief from negativity, initiates wisdom and greater understanding. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer it can soothe stress/irritability and anxiety. It is a powerful stone of comfort and helps us connect with the Universe.

If Amethyst doesn’t float your boat. Discover a crystal you do resonate with; remember you are the one with the power to discern which crystal is right for you!

Carry a tumbled stone with you and place Amethyst in a room in your home where you can see it often. Also, you can place amethyst under your bed for more comfort while you sleep.

You are encouraged to meditate with your crystal to be one with power and energy it offers you.

For information on which Angel can help you on your road to recovery


Remember you aren’t alone on your sobriety journey!

Many Blessings,


The use of Spiritual tools to enhance your life is not standard addiction medical treatment, it is a holistic form of healing to aid in your well-being. Namaste.


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Having worked with that community but not in the counseling part, I was a laboratory collection specialist working in a behavioral Health clinic in Colorado Springs for a company that tested urine samples for people caught up in DUI and in a program, or employers checking their potential employees or parents testing their kids.. or Doctors testing their patients of those in the medical dental veterinary fields who were addicted and in a program by the state to be tested as they may have been caught on the job with substance abuse..I always tried to give encouragement to those struggling that would accept it.


Wow Vera! That is a lot to think about. My birthstone is Amethyst but I had no idea about the history of it. That is great information about those addicted to things.. Thanks as always for your tremendous insight and knowledge! James


Cindy Abbott
Cindy Abbott
Apr 28, 2023

Very interesting Vera.

Thank you.

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