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Advice from the Other Side

1 Question -   $90

2 Questions - $150

​3 Questions - $180

This service utilizes Vera's God-given gift as a Full Trance Medium. Through her abilities and her connections to the Other Side, she provides deeper insight into clients' personal questions and concerns.

A Full Trance Medium is an individual who can be a physical channel. In Vera's case, through hypnosis, she steps aside, and her Master Teacher on the Other Side, Angus, speaks through her to provide insight and enlightenment. He has vast knowledge and the ability to read your life chart.

On occasion, Vera is present to receive information from the Master Teacher rather than coming through her. This way of receiving personal insight is equally as profound and enlightening.

Vera's niche for over three decades, has been providing invaluable information which often features past life awareness. The information from our past lives has proven over and over to be hugely significant in the understanding of our current life experiences. Learning the past-life origin and applying the suggestions given, has helped clients acknowledge that soul connection and feel a sense of relief in their current life.  

Answers received through Advice from the Other Side may consist of: Past-life cell memory, emotional experience, trauma, charted influences, or spiritual lessons.  It is to your benefit to acknowledge/activate the information you receive. 


We receive questions through email and provide an audio-recorded answer. All question/answer sessions can differ in length, depending on the information received from the Other Side.


  1. Fill out the form below, including  your question(s) in 50 words or less and BE SPECIFIC.​ The more specific the question, the more specific the answer. Answers from Angus can differ in length. (No missing persons or homicide questions.)

  2. Your questions will be submitted on the next available trance. Due to a high volume of questions received, some may have to be placed on a waiting list.​

  3. The wait time between submitting a question and receiving an answer for Advice from the Other Side, is within 30 days.                          

  4.  We will audio-record your answer and send you an email containing a Dropbox link. Follow the link to retrieve your audio recorded Advice from the Other Side answer. (You have 2 weeks to retrieve your audio answer before it is removed from Dropbox.)

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