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Goddess Art of the Month by Chrissy

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

When I read Vera’s Tarot message for this month, I immediately knew which Goddess art we needed to visualize for September…the Egyptian Priestess!

Vera mentioned “Like a snake shedding her skin, you shed toxic tendencies that hold you back.”

It resonates with me that as we move along our life path, we walk through our darkest valleys, meet our toughest challenges and face our deepest fears.

Through this, we can fall into despair and lose sight of our path, the light, or even our self.

However, we have learned that truly we can find our strength lying within our greatest challenges.

In this test, we have the opportunity – the choice, to release the negativity of what we’ve been through (“shedding our skin”) so that we can move on from it.

Vera mentioned the journey of the snake becoming the jackal, then becoming the sphinx.

It is so very like our journey within our self, digging deep down to find that strength to transform our pain into our achievement in overcoming, and shining all the brighter; gaining that ‘enlightenment’ which really is to know thyself.

We discover our strength and see once more, the beauty of who we are.

It is our great victory.

Blessings, love and light Soul Tribers!

We are with you in spirit,


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