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Tarot Card of the Month by Vera Espana

Wheel of Fortune

Numerology: 1.

Planet: Jupiter.

What the wheel of fortune card represents is a new cycle and really the wheel represents the natural cycle of things. So, right now you're on the new cycle. You are at the top of the wheel and as we know how wheels go, they’re on top and then they go down. It has to go down to the bottom and then it comes back up.

Right now, we're in an upcycle so that's a good thing. However, there's wisdom to be gained from the cycle that you just came from, the bottom one, and there's growth. Where there is growth, there is lessons and there's a lot that has to do with karma as well, like cause and effect.

Now, the symbology in the cards is important as well. There's four different areas on the corners of the card and they represent human, eagle, lion, and bull.

These are the four planes of existence. They deal with mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. We have all of these opportunities, all of this understanding, on all of these different planes to help us grow. Especially during this growth spurt that we're going through this month: 9/9/22 – 10/9/22.

Always, when there's a karmic situation, there's rapid growth. You know what that means-- tough lessons; but there's also clouds with silver lining on this card.

That shows that you may have had a storm, but there's always opportunity. There's always growth, there's always something good that happens out of it.

Jupiter is the largest planet; it signifies growth in regard to higher learning. Also, Jupiter is about luck, so it adds luck to whatever it is that you're going through this month.

Now, we're looking at the evolution of the wheel-- it starts with the snake, and it evolves into the jackal, which evolves into the sphinx.

The snake represents healing, changes coming, and a new stage of development. It’s important to take time to evaluate what you want to do next.

Like a snake shedding her skin, you shed toxic tendencies that hold you back. Then, you're going to acquire new skills to help you with this new spiritual growth.

So, then that turns into the Jackal. The jackal represents truth that's adapting to change, and really kind of relying on your cunning to make it through some unsettling conditions.

It helps you investigate in depth; it helps to awaken, educate, and guide you. Also, the jackal is loyalty because it's part dog.

Then, that evolves into the sphinx. The sphinx represents humans. It represents wisdom. It represents strength of a lion. It represents enlightenment, and encourages adventure and to step out of your comfort zone. To do things differently and call on ancient wisdom that we have from our spiritual DNA.

So there you go Soul Tribers, remember, you aren't alone!

Journey with us, in this play called Life.

Vera 💜🙏💙

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1 Comment

Alma Navarro
Alma Navarro
Sep 11, 2022

We're very aware of our luck this year, we have yet to get a hurricane get close to Yucatan, wonderful not to have that anxiety. Love, hugs

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