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You have Heavenly Help🙏

Updated: May 21

I drew this Victory Angel's hands clasped and her gaze so intense, because I wanted to convey how much your Angels are pulling for you as you go through every experience in your Life Chart.

Through all you've chosen to do and learn, your Angels so much want you to have happiness, healing, fulfillment, and to flourish.

Visualize your Victory Angel...yes you have one! Remember her desire to help you triumph through your life lessons; feel her presence and let her strength give you strength💙🕊️💜

*Read more about the Victory Angel HERE

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Just Beautiful!

Replying to

Thank you James!💙🤗🙏💜


You draw so beautifully Christina.You have such a gift.

I love the Victory Angel.I have her in my bedroom.

Replying to

Yay Cindy!! I am so happy you enjoy your Victory Angel -what a perfect place to have her! She's one of the first things you see in the morning and last at night; what a beautiful reminder of your Heavenly help🙏Love and blessings!💙🤗🕊️💜

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