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Repeating Number Messages!

Driving along in the desert today, thinking about SE moving forward, I look down and guess what I saw? I kid you not...33333!!

Repeating numbers are often a message from the Other Side and they can appear when we need a sign! Just like this 33333 was encouragement on our SE journey, if you see repeating 3s, it can be showing you, you are supported by the Other Side and to have faith the divine plan is unfolding for you. Consider it an affirmation of your life purpose!

Single numbers are power-packed too! It may look like a coincidence that the speedometer was at 48; however, we all have a Life Path number, symbolizing aspects of our Life Chart. Mine (Chrissy) happens to be 4, and Vera's is 8. Isn't that amazing?! Looking at these number combinations together is so much validation and inspiration to follow what we know we are here to do!

Remember to look for repeating numbers and be open to their messages you feel when you see them!💙💜

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I typically see five or six different repeating numbers everyday and I'm starting to see two sets of repeating numbers like 11:22 Sending healing energy to Vera all the time now.

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That is awesome!! And what’s equally fantastic is that you are open and aware to receiving those signs!💙🤗💜



I’m praying for both you and Vera.

You are both such wonderful people.

Praying Vera makes a speedy recovery and you both can get back to all your plans.

Sending you love and blessings.

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Awwww thank you Cindy🙏🕊️We appreciate you!! That’s what’s so reassuring about receiving signs like this; it helps us to know Mother and Father/the Other Side has our back💙🤗🙏💜

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