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Love from Angus and the Other Side

The last Trance we had with Angus through Vera, he gave us a message we found very enlightening. He said that the times we’re living in have become so crazy and out of hand with rising prices, especially for rent. There’s a trend of people moving to more affordable states, taking on roommates, or moving in with extended family, so as to consolidate debt and afford the cost of living.

Here is the good part! Angus said things will begin to turn around. Like a pendulum, it will swing back to where prices come down and people are kinder. He said they are seeing that shift, like how so many of us, not only in the United States but around the world, were watching the trial of Mr. Depp. He explained how it shows people are caring more and that it’s going to take all of us, and all of them on the Other Side, to bring that balance back. Go team!

This is very inspiring. The Other Side needs us! Our Angels, Spirit Guides, Master Teachers, and loved ones on the Other Side, can help us from where they are, sending hope, love, and guidance. However, we are the ones in life! Because we are on this plane of existence, we can talk to, hold, comfort and give aid to people in many forms; not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too.

This is the opportunity we have every day to reach people and help others. Something as simple as a smile, comforting word or phone call, may sound small, but can be huge in someone’s life when they really need it. These are the lessons Angus’ wisdom has brought, inspiring us in many ways that help us raise our spirituality, impact the quality of our life, and help us fulfill our purpose.

Join us for our next Trance with Angus, this New Year’s Eve, December 31 - Me in 2023!

Love from Angus and your team on the Other Side, and have blessed holidays🙏❤️

Love, Chrissy and Vera too!💙💜

P.S. Angus has shared what many of us do on the Other Side. What do you most see as your occupation there? Share in the comments below!

1. helping entities chart their lives

2. helping entities when they come Home from a difficult life (process their lessons)

3. the arts

4. working with animals

5. research to help humanity and the planet

6. creating beautiful gardens

7. nutrition and health for people in life

8. food testing (jk -its not a thing there Lol!)

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I have come to realize that I am a researcher and I push the edge of knowledge

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