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Joy to the world…and Heaven and Nature sing!

What is the last color we’re featuring this Christmastime?...Purple! There’s a good reason why it’s last on our list. Purple is the color of the culmination of all our hard work, coming into life to learn and evolve. It represents…spirituality!

Its meaning is sanctity and what we hold as sacred and holy. This is why I painted the Principality robes as purple, and Jesus with purple robes standing next to his companion and wife Mary Magdalene who is wearing a purple sash. This indicates the highest of spiritual teachers which is what Jesus and Mary are. Just like the Principalities are the highest phylum of Angel under Father God. They are the highest-ranking Angel as they herald Father God’s presence. Our last station, so to speak, when we visit Father God on the Other Side, is the Principality Angels.

We greatly aspire to achieve our spiritual goals as entities coming into life. In our philosophy, we do not cross phylums and become Angels. Rather, we can reach our spiritual pinnacles like Jesus and Mary have done, by showing compassion, being strong for ourselves and others, giving love and acceptance. There are countless ways. It could be through helping people improve their lives, teaching skills to survive, build homes for families to create a life together, write or do arts that express and improve the human condition. It can be through sharing your intellectual gifts, but also your intuitive as well! That is most what I think of when I think of purple -intuition and spirituality…Vera!

Vera’s soul color happens to be purple. She emanates it with all her being as spirituality is at the heart of all her life’s work. Discovering our past lives and the cell memory we’re carrying. What our life purpose is and how our Life Chart is unfolding according to how we respond to it. All this understanding has a profound impact on our lives.

This is what you do for others too, in your own way! Learning then teaching and giving to others, is your glorious evolving spirituality. It is the sanctity of your soul because you are a teacher too. No one knows better, all you have learned and garnered in your life, and how you can help others and pass on what you know and what’s been powerful for you.

When I was at my lowest point, a random stranger said something to me I’ll never forget. It was a compliment at a time when I was in pure despair, being treated like I was nothing. I never forgot how her words were a light ray in my dark night. Angus told me years later, it was an Angel, manifesting to give me a message. What I learned is I can give a message of kindness to someone I just happen by, and whether I realize it or not, it could be a rope to pull them self out of despair.

We’ve all had countless experiences like that, to now take and do something positive with, expanding our spirituality, and raising the consciousness in the world, and like Jesus still does through his example we aspire to emulate now and all year through.

A very Merry Christmas dear Soul Tribers!

We love you and are with you in spirit!

Chrissy and Vera 💙🎄🌟💜

P.S. Out of all these Christmas characters, which one would you be? Let us know in the comments below.

1. generous and sharing Santa

2. kind-hearted Mrs. Claus

3. adventurous Rudolf the Reindeer

4. hairy and redeemable Abominable Snowman

5. smiling Grinch getting all the towns’ toys

6. loveable Frosty the Snowman

7. cheerful Ghost of Christmas Present

8. other...

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