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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…even in CA!

Did you know “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby is considered the most popular Christmas song of all time?! There is something about the magic of nature, and in this holiday’s case…snow. It softly falls, covering the landscape, sparkling in the sunlight, and glistening in the moonlight. Like the magic of Christmas, nature has a magic all its own. Winter is the time to put the past to rest, releasing what’s happened to us before as a blanket of snow covers the land. It is a time of purification, and cleansing, releasing the year that is ending and all that no longer serves us.

This is the magic and splendor of the color white. We love our brilliant light! Instinctually we know that the emanation of God’s love is light. It’s called the White Light of the Holy Spirit. Angus tells us, the first shards of light that came out of Mother and Father God when They were creating, was the love they share, also known as the White Light of the Holy Spirit. Guess what those glorious, immaculate first sparks became? Angels!!! Yes. The love between Mother and Father is the White Light of the Holy Spirit and that is exactly what protects us.

This is why we burn white candles. We light them during prayer. We light them while blessing a home to cleanse it of negativity. We light them to bring us comfort, in reflection, and to enjoy as we simply love light. It’s comforting. It’s a innate reminder of Home which is filled with that bright emanation of light, God’s love for us.

This is why we ask for and visualize white light for protection. This color signifies God is holding us in Their hands. This is exactly why the first

Shards of light became Angels, because God’s first priority is protecting us and these glorious Angels each have specific functions to do so. Whether from illness, fear, destitution, or despair; the function of Archangels is hope! It can be hope through healing, protection, peace, or guidance, but nonetheless, hope.

In God’s magnificent love for us, we came into being, but then allowed to ‘create’ who we want to be. We were able to come into life, pick the places and times we wanted to incarnate and experience; acquiring our gifts and virtues along the way like strength, loyalty, steadfastness, and love, including our kindred spirits and loved ones.

Through all this, we are protected and loved by God and our team on the Other Side of Angels, Spirit Guides, Master Teachers and loved ones. This is exactly what we can focus on and feel when we light our white candle and watch its flame grow, like love in our heart emanating and enveloping us in God’s love.

God bless you💙🙏💜

Chrissy and Vera

P.S. Please share in the comments below what purpose you use candles for most; we would love to hear!

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Interestingly enough white candles mainly are my choice to burn

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