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Finding Joy and Peace Within

by Mary Simonds (Chrissy's mom)

We are meant to have joy and peace within by truly loving and seeing ourselves as our loved ones here and on the Other Side do! Mother and Father God see us as a perfect wonderful soul!

We have been through many difficult life experiences in the past, but we are creating a very positive future by being productive and having peace in the present, even being able to laugh at some of the things we and others have done.

We have pride in ourselves and for our courage now to follow our dreams and goals, to give encouragement to others, and bringing joy forward in knowing we are doing our best.

By following our goodness and strength within, we can do anything! Mother and Father God are always with us to guide, protect and create the Greater Good in our lives, balancing our intellect and emotion.

Even though things may be very difficult and may seem out of control, eventually things do pass! There is a universal truth directly from Father God, “If we care for others, we will be cared for.” Mother God Azna and Father God Om will never leave us!

Azna will stabilize the right emotion, Father God’s love is forever present, and the angels are protecting and comforting you. Feel peaceful knowing you are on track listening to your love for yourself and others within your heart and soul. Be at peace with yourself.

Feel happiness now and in the future, free and unbothered by the people and things of the past. You are in control of you and your life. Feel the love you have for yourself, and the love others have for you. Please have complete peace within yourself!

Peace and love to all of you every day in every way!


Mary Simonds


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