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Evening with Angus, December 31st - Me in 2023!

With our 3rd annual New Years’ Eve with Angus, quickly approaching, we want to share a few of his memorable insights!

The first one we think of is a Soul Triber who attended our first New Year’s Eve event and got a bit of a surprise! She had no plans of having another child soon. Through Vera in trance, Angus told her about a baby that was coming to her and her husband…and it would be in the new year! He told her the baby had already been visiting her from the Other Side and that they had a close bond, having shared past lives together. Still, she wasn’t actively trying to get pregnant, but when she and her husband were surprised with a positive pregnancy test in the new year, they were so happy! She knew about the precious soul she was carrying, and we were so excited for them! Their story has a special place in our heart.

Another Evening with Angus featured soul colors. Our soul color has nothing to do with the color of our skin. It is the color of light that our soul emanates, like violet, orange, or indigo.

As Angus described each attendee’s soul color, it was amazing how the colors varied and were so individual to each person. Just as individual as we are as entities. For one Soul Triber, it wasn’t just green. It was deep forest green with gold swirls for both, the healing she brings to others, as well as high spirituality in working with the Angels when she’s on the Other Side, to protect people from lost light entities.

Angus described to another Soul Triber attendee, their color which didn’t have just one solid soul color. She had a swirling gold color with flashes of all the colors of the rainbow…how gorgeous! Just like her beautiful spirit.

Our soul color is something we chose in the beginning, when we first decided who we wanted to be, what kind of lives we wanted to live, and the virtues we wished to achieve. So, our color can tell us amazing truths about our soul’s journey and our purpose!

We cannot wait to ring in 2023 with Angus and all of you to see what messages he has for everyone! We always look forward to hearing from Angus, Vera’s forthright Master Teacher. Join us for a fun night bringing in 2023 together!

Love and blessings,

Chrissy and Vera💙🙏🌟💜

P.S. What area of your life would you most like Angus to tell you about? Pick one in the comments below!

1. Relationships

2. Health

3. Finances

4. Career

5. Spirituality

6. Family

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