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Exclusive Private Gathering with Angus

Ask Angus all about your life!

Approximately 2 hours  

Up to 3 participants 

​On your schedule 

Total cost: $3,000

Your very own Evening with Angus for up to three people or just for you! You can ask Angus questions about your life, your past lives, your spirituality.

As a Master Teacher on The Other Side, Angus answers questions through Vera. Vera will either relay information from Angus or channel him as a Full-Trance Medium, in which he would come through her to give messages.

Trance with Angus is approximately 1 hour, followed by a discussion with Vera and Chrissy regarding Angus’ answers.


An Evening with Angus on Zoom includes:  

  • Meet and greet with Vera and Chrissy

  • Trance procedure description with Sami as Vera and Chrissy prepare for Angus Trance

  • Trance with Angus through Vera begins

  • Chrissy asks your pre-sent questions

  • Trance is approximately 1 hour, during which Angus answers questions

  • You are invited to audiotape the Trance

  • The Trance session with Angus is followed by a group discussion with Vera and Chrissy regarding Angus’ answers

  • Our Evening with Angus ends and is approximately a 2 hour event in total

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