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Exclusive Private Gathering with Angus

Ask Angus all about your life!

Approximately 2 hours  

Up to 3 participants 

​On your schedule 

Total cost: $3,000

Your very own Evening with Angus for up to three people or just for you! You can ask Angus questions about your life, your past lives, your dreams, your soulmate, kindred souls, what you do when you're on The Other Side, and much more.

The event is approximately two hours and a portion of the proceeds will go to our nonprofit to help people who can't afford to pay for spiritual classes.

As a Master Teacher on The Other Side, Angus answers questions through Vera. Vera will either relay information from Angus or channel him as a Full-Trance Medium, in which he would come through her to give messages.

Discussion with Vera and Angel Expert Chrissy following the Trance.

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