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Michael the Archangel is a Warrior Angel. He is a strong protectorate for you against negativity, malevolence and harm.


His function is hope and for this reason, he has been known to materialize in human form, to give  messages during times you need it most.


Michael is the Angel of Revelations and carries the Golden Sword of Truth to cut through darkness, reveal truth and protect you.


Michael also carries  an emerald green crystal scepter for channeling healing into your body. He fills it in a healing pool on the Other Side, then brings it to you, touching the sceptor to your body where you need healing. The sparkling emerald energy empties from the sceptor and goes into your body to heal you.


As a messenger, Michael can deliver messages to others for you on a psychic/soul level.


Angus on the Other Side taught us that whenever you see Michael Archangel's image, it registers in your subconscious mind, like a physical affirmation of his abilities and presence in your life. This visual reminder strengthens your bond with Michael, making you more receptive to his messages and infusion, and in becoming more aware of this Archangel, you feel less afraid and more protected as you move through your life.


This is why I create this art and Vera relays Angel information from Angus. From our heart to yours, we pray you remember to call on your Angels for help on your life path.


💙Christina and Vera💜

Michael Archangel

  • Prints are 11" x 14" image on cardstock paper. Color canvases are stretched over a wood frame with a 1 and 1/2 inch gallery wrap.

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