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“I am not afraid…I was born to do this.” -Joan of Arc


The Other Side tells us, coming into life here is the scariest thing we’ll ever do. Yet we do it time and time again because we are on a great spiritual quest. We chose our destination before we ever began incarnating, including: A Life Theme that would run throughout all our lives; a special gift through which we would touch people; and from the Golden Keys of Knowledge -all of which we wanted to experience and learn, we chose one that we wanted to specialize in.


In total, this is the reason we incarnate into this planet, why we write the Life Chart we do, and why our life seems so hard at times. We wanted to test the mettle of our soul. The more challenging our lessons, the more we learn, the stronger we become and the more we elevate spiritually. Just as when the storm grows darkest, our soul’s light shines brightest. This is what Joan of Arc was in our world’s history. A symbol of pure goodness and raw courage.


This is exactly what you have within you. It is what inspired you to go on your soul’s journey and what has brought you to this moment. It is that promise that you made to God and yourself to finish what you started, to live your life with love and dignity in who you are, and to honor the truth of your glorious soul.


Angus on the Other Side teaches that every time you see Joan of Arc -the Promise image, it registers in your subconscious mind, like a physical affirmation of those virtues within you, as well as a visual reminder of Joan of Arc's example and presence in your life. As a messenger of the Other Side, she wants you to call on her. She will stand with you, helping you have courage through your personal life battles.


This is why I create this art and Vera relays information from Angus. From our heart to yours, we pray you remember to call on the Messengers for help on your life path.


💙Christina and Vera💜

Joan of Arc, The Promise

  • Prints are 9" x 12" image on 11" x 14" white cardstock paper. Color canvases are stretched over a wood frame with a 1 and 1/2 inch gallery wrap.

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