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Custom crystal bracelet by Vera. Choosing the stones for the specific energy and attributes of each crystal, Vera creates a bracelet specific to you and your Soul Journey. Vera includes stones that will help you bring forward your past life strengths and talents, as well as release negative cell memory.


No two bracelets are alike. Handmade, cleansed and blessed by Vera.

(Bracelet in photo is example only.)


  • You can pick what theme you want your bracelet to have, as well as indicate your favorite colors, or you can have Vera choose whatever she feels you most need.
  • Additionally, if you would like to add your Life Path number, it is an additional $4 and you can give Vera your birthdate (to find your Life Path number)
  • For these two selections please fill out Vera's crystal bracelet form HERE.


Stones that may be included are:

Rose Quartz: Self love, loving vibes, forgiveness

Amethyst: Calming power, boost intuition

Carnelian: Courage, leadersip, motivation

Rainbow Moonstone: Harmony, hope, compassion

Hematite: Balance, healing -physical, mental and astral

...and much, much more!


Shape of Selenite crystal included, may vary.


High quality beads from 10mm - 6mm

Bracelet length 7 1/4 inches and 8 inches

Natural gemstones

Smooth round


Note: All natural gemstones vary in color and pattern.


Custom Bracelets ship within 30 days as each bracelet is made by hand, by Vera!

Custom Crystal Bracelet