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Can we rekindle the wonderment of a child within us? Yes and it would be to our great benefit! As a child, we start out fresh from the Other Side, loving who we are, discovering the magic of life, and the joy of experiencing. Then as we move through life, we become programmed by society, religion or people to where we accumulate fears, we judge our self, barriers come up and limits come in.


Jesus said, “Be like a child and you would understand.” This is reflected in Angus’ words from the Other Side, telling us time and time again, we need to release the negativity of what we’ve learned along the way and get back to our childlike quality. That is the Golden Key of Knowledge, the Angel of Childlikeness helps you to attain: loving yourself, regaining the appreciation of experiencing, and that there’s no right way or wrong way, there’s only your way to live your life.


Angus on the Other Side teaches that every time you see the Angel of Childlikeness image, it registers in your subconscious mind, like a physical affirmation of its abilities and presence in your life. This visual reminder strengthens your connection with your Childlikeness Angel, making you more aware its there, and likely to utilize its special abilities.


This is why I create this art and Vera relays Angel information from Angus. From our heart to yours, we pray you remember to call on your Angels for help on your life path.


💙Christina and Vera💜


Angel of Childlikeness

  • Prints are 9" x 12" image on 11" x 14" white cardstock paper. Color canvases are stretched over a wood frame with a 1 and 1/2 inch gallery wrap.

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