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Oooooo Whaley House Haunted?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Most people have heard about the Whaley House since it's considered America’s most haunted house. It’s located in sunny and carefree San Diego of all places.

The Whaley House was designed by Thomas Whaley who was an affluent merchant in San Diego. The house was built in 1857, on top of what used to be a graveyard.

It soon became the center for San Diegans because it housed a general store, the first commercial movie theater, and a second courthouse. Today, the house is a historical landmark and museum for people to visit.

Thomas Whaley was considered an innovator and highly regarded in San Diego. He was married to Anna and they had six children.

Their second child, Thomas Jr. died of scarlet fever at just 18 months, more tragedy followed when a fire burned down the general store part of his home.

Later, Thomas’ fifth child, Violet unknowingly married a con-artist who was after her dowry, he disappeared two weeks after their marriage and left her stranded in a hotel room.

This was a huge scandal in that era and the blame, unfortunately, fell on the shoulders of women. Violet was ostracized by Polite Society.

Her father got her a divorce about a year later, but the disgrace and society’s judgement were too much for her to bear and she committed suicide by shooting herself in the chest at age 22.

Vera has psychically gotten that Violet was going to shoot herself under her chin, but she changed her mind about killing herself, so as she moved the gun down it suddenly went off and she accidentally shot herself in the chest.

However, it was still symbolic because of her heart that was broken from her ex-husband's betrayal and abandonment.

Vera says she charted to go in violence.

She goes on to say that her ex-husband rode off into the sunset with her money, but he ended up being used by other women for “his” money and he died an alcoholic and penniless.

Thomas had another daughter, Corinne, who was engaged to be married, but her fiancé called it off because of her sister’s suicide, which was considered a huge scandal. Corinne never married.

Vera explains how she grew into a sad, bitter person because of the experience.

While Vera was at the Whaley House, she saw a happy little girl running past her and they locked eyes.

Vera realized this was Corinne, who is reliving the happiest time of her life in her family home.

Vera still thinks about Corinne and prays she will one day go to the light and join all her loved ones, from all her lifetimes, on The Other Side. For now, she is Earthbound.

To watch the video where Vera and Christina dive deeper into the Whaley House mystery, please go to our YouTube channel Souls Enlightenment with Vera and Christina.

References: Wikipedia, San Diego Community News Group, Life Magazine

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Alma Navarro
Jul 04, 2022

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