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Fa Lalalala Lalalala!

Color of the season? Red!! We have Santa’s red suit, Rudolf’s red nose, poinsettias and holly berries (not the actress -wink wink). We want to give red some love today because really, red has gotten a bad rap. Some don’t like the color red because it’s been used to depict negative emotions like anger, associated with blood, and used by religions to portray evil.

However, red is a rich and vital color for life! It is action, passion, and love. It is the color that moves us!

Vera and I love red also, because that was the color of Angus’ kilt and tartan in our favorite past life together in Scotland.

In a recent Trance, Angus told us he favors red for the passion it brings. We don’t want to move through our life feeling wishy washy and not care what happens to ourselves, others, animals or the planet. We have passions; causes we believe in! We have survival! We want to survive, not only for ourselves but for the good in the world we can do!

It’s not easy coming into life. We worked hard to be here; to earn this opportunity to be in life right now and make things better. To help each other and live our chart; this amazing Life Chart we wrote with our Themes, Option Lines, loved ones and pets from other lifetimes. Facing, overcoming, healing, empowering and most important, loving. This is exactly why we spent so much time meeting with our team on the Other Side, before we came into life, researching and applying what we went through before so we learn our lessons now once and for all, coming full circle when we go Home to the Other Side, and feel complete.

Red is also the color for love. When you want to manifest love, romance, and a meeting of hearts, this is the candle to burn. When you do, visualize what you want. The more details, feeling and emotion you put into your visualization, the more powerful it will be to help it manifest.

What we hope you most take with you from red is joy. We are wishing you all the joy of this Christmas holiday season from our hearts to yours!

Many blessings!❤️❤️

Chrissy and Vera

P.S. Find something red in your home and how do it make you feel? Tell us in the comments below. (If you don't have something -go buy one!😃)

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I have some red things mostly clothing but not much of it. I generally feel warm when I wear them.

Chrissy Simonds
Chrissy Simonds
Dec 30, 2022
Replying to

Yes!! Red has been known to bring warmth🔥

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