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Empowered women empower!

By Mary Simonds (Chrissy's mom)

Years ago, I taught classes offered within the Home Economics Department at a local High School.

One day, while walking down the hall in the afternoon to my classroom, suddenly I had extreme lower abdominal pain so intense I was unable to walk and lowered into a kneeling position.

Knowing I was unable to teach my last afternoon class or drive home, I walked to the administration office for assistance. Gratefully the Vice Principal, who happened to be a female which was unusual in the 1970’s, offered to take me home and even teach my last class of the day.

Later I was taken to the hospital and received emergency surgery. When I was in the recovery room, suddenly I heard the nurse say, “Uh oh, we ‘re loosing this one!” Soon I felt myself ascending through the ceiling to the Other Side (Heaven). I quickly heard a male voice ask me, “Well do you wish to stay, or do you wish to go?” I responded, “I can’t go now, my children need me.” Instantly, I was back in my body grateful to be alive!

Later that year, one day while teaching a class on a different subject in that department, the same Vice Principle came to evaluate my class, which was apparently part of their role. I was very focused on my presentation on one aspect of Interior Design. When she left, she looked very pleased with my dedication.

Years later, I saw an ex-student of mine at the local library. She instantly recognized me, calling me by name, and introduced me to her husband. She told me she had learned so much in my Interior Design class and that she was able to decorate her home to perfection! She was so happy and proud! I was also very grateful for her kindness and appreciation!

I wanted to share some of my personal life experiences that come to my mind when I think of women’s empowerment. Women who have touched my life, and these personal examples are how we can be empowered and touch others’ lives!

Thank you, Mary Simonds


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