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Vera's new Crystal Bracelet making it's debut on March 1st!



Self-Love leads to Trust

💗Happy Valentine's month to me💗

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Past Life Psychic Readings, Spiritual Philosophy  
& Art for the Soul

Past Life Intuitive Full Trance Medium

and Angel Artist Expert

Together we are an Intuitive/Channel, Past Life Specialist, Hypnotherapist, Angel Expert, and Spiritual Artist! Whew! That's a lot of knowledge! 


We have joined knowledge, experience, and intuitive gifts to form Souls Enlightenment. It is a comprehensive spiritual source from which to gain an understanding of our purpose here on earth. Souls Enlightenment is, basically, a salve for the soul, a safe place for your spiritual journey, so...

Journey with us!


Souls Enlightenment is founded by two women/minorities with combined 60 years of experience in intuition, past life regression, cell memory, hypnosis, angel expertise, spiritual counseling, motivational speaking, and teaching spiritual classes.


We are excited to be a part of your Soul Tribe!

Vera and Chrissy

If someone doesn't see your worth, then...they aren't worth it.



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Thank you for contacting us! We appreciate you!

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