There will never be another Mary Bracelet made by Vera. Once this one is sold, it's gone forever.


Authentic white turquoise, pink rhodonite, rose quartz, rainbow kyanite, and amethyst work together to align all chakras with an emphasis on your heart chakra. This helps to heighten psychic abilities and to also bring self-love into your life, so you can attract love from others.


Vera communicates and infuses each crystal bead with love and custom blessings. She talks to the beads and in the case of The Mary, she has asked the beads to calmly bring in heightened intuition and to calmly balance self-love and your compassion for others.


Every day when you wake up, put your hand on the bracelet and say, "I Lovingly Calm." When you're calm, it allows your intuitive side to grow strong and come though. Also, do this affirmation in tense or stressful situations.


The Mary "I Lovingly Calm" Only ONE Bracelet is Available EVER