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The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe

As most of us know, Marilyn had a hard start to life because she was in and out of orphanages and foster care due to her Mom being kept from time to time in an asylum for mental illness.

According to psychic medium Vera Espana, when her Mom was around she wasn’t loved, as a child needs to be loved, to grow up into a confident and emotionally secure adult. Marilyn craved love to such a high degree that it would ultimately be her downfall.

At age 16, she married, but divorced a few years later. She started modeling and later broke into the movie business where people were captivated by her beauty and charm.

She played sex symbol and dumb blonde roles, but Vera says she was highly intelligent, and she wanted to act in roles with more depth, but she was typecast as a blonde bombshell.

She loved and married in her life, but in the end, it wouldn’t work out and she would get divorced. She had various affairs with men who would lose interest and leave her.

It was reported that she grew depressed and was abusing drugs. On the night of her death, the LAPD found empty pill bottles prescribed for her depression littered all over her room.

She was found naked in bed with a phone in her hand, and an autopsy showed she died of an overdose of sedatives. Her death was ruled a suicide.

Her death being a suicide was the official report, but it was far from what happened according to Vera who has psychically gotten that Marilyn was murdered by a powerful Italian mob boss she was dating.

He ordered a hit on her. Vera sees her being murdered by an injection. It was quick and painless; she went to sleep almost instantly and never woke up. But Vera says, tongue in cheek, that he did care about her after all, otherwise she would have had a painful death.

She was murdered because he worried that she was blabbing about sensitive information he had told her while they were in bed. She was frequently wasted, because she had been dumped by the Kennedy brothers (John and Robert) and went into a deep depression because of that.

She still had the mob boss and she was desperately trying to cling to him, she was scared that he would leave her too. Meanwhile, the mobster feared their pillow talk would get out and get him into trouble.

She would tell him to never leave her, and she would vaguely threaten him by saying how she knew so much about him and his ongoings in the mob that he better not leave her. This was a grave mistake on her part that cost her her life. She needed love so badly that she would try to hang on to it anyway she could.

During this time, things were looking up for her, or so she thought. That’s when she started to not be as drunk, stopped taking pills, and she had bought a new home in Los Angeles.

Also, she was rehired to star in a movie and this was HUGE, because this meant the studio had confidence in her again, whereas they didn’t before because she was always drunk or high. She was turning her life around. So, Vera asks why would someone who was turning her life around commit suicide? That doesn’t make sense.

During that time, came her relationship with Clark Gable. He was like the father she never had and they loved each other. This relationship helped her a lot emotionally. It was a purely platonic relationship, like father/daughter.

So, while all these good things were finally happening for Marilyn and she was getting her life back on track, the mob boss she was dating was plotting her murder, and he made it look like a suicide.

However, Karma reared its wonderful head, because in 1975, that same mobster was shot to death. His murder was in retaliation for killing Marilyn. Vera says Marilyn has not come back into life, not yet anyway.

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All psychic information is from Vera Espana.

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