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Silent Night

…picture Vera and I singing! Um maybe you better not! LOL

Ahhh the beauty of blue. What is more peaceful than a serene night. The beauty of a quiet landscape under a dark night sky; the moon and stars shimmering above; the calmness to reflect. This tranquility of a silent night is the feeling of blue.

This is why Power Angels’ wing tips are blue. Their function is peace, and by nature, this color invokes it. All healing begins with peace; peace in the mind and heart through how we think and feel about things. Things like what has happened in our life and how we feel about the choices we’ve made. It’s easy to condemn ourselves for every little thing that has gone wrong or didn’t turn out the way we hoped. “If only I did this or didn’t do that.” “They stole my time with my loved one, or took my relationship with so and so, from me.” “I wish that happened instead of this.” Holding on to regrets and guilt, only keeps grief in our life and body, manifesting through illness, sorrow, addiction. We want to nurture a positive self-view, not one that’s limiting our healing, happiness, and relationships -especially the one we have with ourselves.

The road to all happiness and contentment in life is peace. Ultimately, being at peace with yourself. Even if you wish things would’ve been different or that you made other decisions, you still did the best you could at the time. Sometimes we are under the influence of low self esteem and have given our power away. But even that is a victory! Because you went through it, you experienced it, you learned, and ultimately, that is exactly why you charted (the Life Chart) you did. Wishing that we hadn’t given our power away means one thing for sure, we recognize our worth and our personal power now and that means we learned it because we see it!

When you light your blue candle, we are wishing you deep peace and tranquility. Negative self talk is water under the bridge -splash splash! You focus on that beautiful serene deep blue with deep acceptance and love for yourself.

Peace be with you💙🙏💜

Chrissy and Vera

P.S. Blue is my soul color and Vera’s is purple! What do you think yours is? Please let us know in the comments below…hint: often times our favorite color, or the one we’re most drawn to, is our soul color…but not always Vera says!

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I have no idea what my soul color is...


Cindy Abbott
Cindy Abbott
Dec 19, 2022

Vera told me that it is emerald green and I have always been drawn to that color.

Chrissy Simonds
Chrissy Simonds
Dec 20, 2022
Replying to

Oooooooo how pretty Cindy!! What a great example of resonating to your soul color!

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