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Hear the Angels sing!!

by Mary Simonds (Chrissy's mom)

Years ago, I was attending a spiritual class on Cherubim Angels. They were talking about the beautiful singing of these angels, which was very unusual for anyone to hear!

During the presentation, I suddenly felt a responsibility to relay an experience I will never forget. I stated, “I think it was about 15 years ago when I heard them.” The Master Teacher from the Other Side who was present at the time (through full trance mediumship) said, “No, it was 12 years ago,” in a lighthearted way to validate my experience! Others in the class were very amazed. I was comforted to know it was meant for me to relay my experience.

Prior to hearing the angels singing that day, I had just been completely rejected by someone who I had trusted and really cared about! It was late afternoon, and I got in my vehicle to drive to a different location to relax. As I was driving along feeling extremely devastated, it suddenly miraculously sounded like the whole sky was filled with an infinite number of angels singing filling my whole essence with supreme joy! This feeling completely comforted my mind, body and spirit, which I will forever remember!

I want all of you to know that the Cherubim Angels and all sources of Mother and Father God’s love are with you!

Mary Simonds

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Cindy Abbott
Cindy Abbott
Apr 01, 2023

Love this Mary.

I look forward to hearing more from you.


well Mary! I will say this. I used to sing in choir out of high school and college. I was in a religious community in California, San Francisco Aug 1979 -June 1990. I know that when we were in one voice a Capella and harmonizing just right, you could feel the extra presence of angels with us. It is something you never forget. It didn't happen all the time but in concert you could tell that we weren't singing by ourselves. There was a depth of dimension like being in your body but lifted up.spiritually. It wasn't the space we performed in. I've been to Davies Hall in San Francisco the acoustics are excellent. This was other worldly!

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